Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why do you do what you do?

Has anyone ever asked you what you want out of life?  Is it to earn a living and support your family unit?  That is a noble reason to do what you do.  What if you had the peace of mind to do whatever you wanted to do for a living because you were the best at it, loved doing it and could make a living doing it?  Would you pursue it? What if you knew that life goes by fast for only a few Americans.  Only 15% of Americans die before the age of 70.  On average people live to be 84 for males and 87 for females in the US.  Would you change anything about how you see opportunities in life? If you knew the average earnings over a lifespan with an education or vocation and experience could be distilled to the following assumptions based on education:

What if you knew there was a multiplier of at least 2 that went into effect on your future earning potential when you combined skills, experience and advanced degrees with professional certifications such as CPA, CFP, PMP, CFA, with MBA, MD, JD, DMD, PE, CSDP?  Would you take on additional skill credentials and obtain certifications like certified software development professional (CSDP), professional certifications like CPA or CFP? Would you change what you're currently focused on to obtain a college education, combine skills and change the trajectory of your life's earning potential?  Would you go into business for yourself?  Would you increase the amount of life insurance coverage you had in place for yourself at different stages in your life based on your accomplishments throughout life?  Talk to a life insurance professional about affordable insurance products that would give you peace of mind to get the most out of life.

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